How To: Tweak the Windows XP MSConfig file to speed up your PC

Tweak the Windows XP MSConfig file to speed up your PC

Initially you computer performs at its maximum speed when you install a new operating system. But as time progresses and you install more and more applications the computer slows down due to the various changes in configuration and other settings. So you have to tune up your PC regularly to maintain its performance. Alternatively you can also increase the memory or use a better processor. But even then if you don't optimize your operating system you will face the problem once again. So go to the run tool and type 'msconfig' and hit enter. This brings up the System Configuration utility. This contains the processes that are installed on your computer and other programs which start after the computer boots. Disable unnecessary processes and programs you don't use to fasten up your computer. This video shows how to make your computer faster using the msconfig.

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