How To: Unlock the hidden Vista administrator account

Unlock the hidden Vista administrator account

You might not be alone in having issues running Windows Vista, but you can be alone in knowing how to fix your problems without expensive repair services. With this tutorial, learn exactly how to unlock the hidden administrator account and gain more access to your own computer.

Did you know that you can unleash the Administrator Account in Windows Vista? For those of you who don't have Administrator privileges to do certain things, you may be getting annoying popups or messages telling you don't have Admin access. Now you can! Unlock the Admin account and you'll you have another alternative way to doing what you need without the UAC (User Account Control) annoyances.


Right-click on a command prompt shortcut and select "run as Adminstrator", then type: Net user administrator /active:yes

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thanks , I new in this tech, I lost a password to unlock a windows vista laptop, we try different ways and send me to the bios, and then we are stop; we can not even open , and pass the windows star, ha ha ha. the laptop is from dell

Sorry, how can you open cmd.exe "Run as administrator" without Administrator privileges?
Otherwise, if you can "Run as administrator" the cmd.exe file, why do we still need to active Administrator privileges?

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