How To: Unzip a file with Microsoft Windows XP

Unzip a file with Microsoft Windows XP

This video from scrapwow shows how to unzip a file in Microsoft Windows XP.Firstly, open Windows Explorer application and navigate the file you want to unzip. Once you've located the file, double click on it. A new window will open. Here you will have Extract all files option which you can choose from menu to the left.Clicking the button allows you to extract a single file or a zipped folder, containing a number of files. In this case Extraction Wizard will open, leading you through the extraction process. Click Next button. Wizard allows to choose extraction destination (default destination is current file or folder location) by clicking Browse button.After you've chosen extraction destination click Next and extraction process will begin. Next window - Extraction Complete will indicate that extraction is complete.You will have the option to show the extracted files once Extraction Complete window is closed by clicking Finish button. New window will open showing unzipped file(s).In order to save disk space on your computer you can delete zipped file(s).Or you can save it to another location (virtual drive, external drive etc.). You also can burn the zipped file to a CD. Thus you will have backup copy of your file(s) in case you lose the one(s) you just extracted.

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