How To: Upgrade and install Snow Leopard

Upgrade and install Snow Leopard

Michael of demonstrates the installation of Mac OSX Snow Leopard onto a Mac with an Intel Core2Duo processor. We're reminded from the very beginning of the importance of backing up our entire system before beginning the installation. Once that's taken care of, it's time to insert the Snow Leopard disk. Once the disk is loaded, and we've agreed to the End User License Agreement, we are presented with a number of options to customize our operating system, including options such as Rosetta and Quicktime 7. We then need to verify that we have enough disk space to run the installation. Once this is verified, the installation can begin very simply with just a few clicks. The computer restarts, Snow Leopard installs itself, and the computer restarts again. Now the computer is booting Snow Leopard for the first time. This first boot will take quite a bit longer than any subsequent boots, but once the computer is up and running, everything is running smoothly with our previous settings still in place.

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