How To: Use the Aero features available on your Windows 7 desktop

Use the Aero features available on your Windows 7 desktop

The Aero desktop experience dresses up your PC with translucent window glass, cool graphics, and new colors. Plus it has new ways to help you get around your desktop. The Aero desktop experience is available in the Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate, and Enterprise editions of Windows 7.

Aero visual hallmarks include subtle animations and translucent glass windows, which you can personalize. Pick from the included color palette, or create your own custom tints with the color mixer.

There's more to Aero than style. Point to a taskbar icon, and you'll see a thumbnail-sized preview—even for live video. Hover on a thumbnail, and it morphs into a full-screen preview. Shake and Peek cut through desktop clutter by quickly minimizing open windows or turning them invisible.

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