How To: Use command prompt to change passwords on Windows XP

Use command prompt to change passwords on Windows XP

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Reset windows vista password with windows password unlocker:
1. Log onto a second computer linked to Internet.
2. Login and free download windows password unlocker (you can also login to other related sites for other reset tool, and windows password unlocker is a popular selection). Note that there is a .ISO file included.
3. Burn the .ISO file onto a blank already have such as Nero, Sonic, Roxio etc. If you need burning software we provide one of the best solutions on the market called BurnCDCC. which is free supported on
4.Insert the newly created CD into locked computer, and reboot from CD drive, then just follow the process of instruction. A few steps later, admin password would be cleared

Hello I forgot my windows live messenger password

how can i know my password ?

plz help me

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