How To: Use devices and printers in Windows 7

Use devices and printers in Windows 7

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Windows 7 is soon to be upon us! The latest version of Windows promises to be faster, easier to use and more fun than any version of Windows before. This video will show you how to use devices and printers in Windows 7.

Here, we demonstrate the new Devices and Printers section of the control panel. This new feature of Windows 7 aims to make it easier to work with and troubleshoot peripheral devices, such as printers, monitors, external storage devices and game controllers. Instead of trying to find your device in a big long list, Devices and Printers tries to assign an icon to it which represents the actual device more clearly.

By default, Windows comes with a printer called the "Microsoft XPS Document Writer". This is not a real printer but it can act like one. Any program which can print documents can use this pseudo printer and the document will be saved to XPS format rather than being physically printed.

Use devices and printers in Windows 7

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