How To: Use iChat in Mac OS X

Use iChat in Mac OS X

In this video we learn how to use iChat in Mac OS X. He explains to us that iChat allows us to chat with any person on our buddy list. He explains clearly about icons next to a person's name such as a camera which shows you can have a video chat with that person. Next he explains how to change your status, such as, whether you are available to chat or not. He then goes on to explain how to create your own buddy icon which is what people will see when they are chatting with you. You can create your own, using images on your computer or you can take a picture of yourself using your webcam. Then he tells us how to open a chat which is a fairly simple process, and goes on to explain how to insert smiley faces. He also talks about how to video chat. After watching this a novice iChat user should have a full understanding of how to work this program.

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