How To: Use ipconfig to determine an IP address in Windows XP

Use ipconfig to determine an IP address in Windows XP

This video will show you how you can easily find out what your IP address is for a computer which is running the Windows XP operating system. You will first need to go to the start bar and click on the button which says "Run". Choose to run a program called "cmd" by typing this into the bar that appears. This will then open up a black box, where you should type in "ipconfig/all". Typing this in will offer you a list of information about the internet service you are currently using and one of the values provided will be your IP address. By following the steps of this video, anyone will be able to locate their IP address.

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Have you ever thought about the fact that since you're able to see your ip address, other people can too? This can be a scary thought because from your ip address, people can see the city you are in at this exact moment. With all the hackers and cyber criminals, being on the internet has become very dangerous.

There are ways to prevent someone from viewing your ip address though. You can do this by simply having an anonymous proxy. An anonymous proxy will change your IP address to fake one, at a fake location. This could be the key to protecting yourself, and your family.

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