How To: Use the Memory in the Windows Calculator

Use the Memory in the Windows Calculator

For the purpose of simplicity, we shall consider the Windows version to be used as Windows XP.

How to start the calculator in Windows XP?

Here are two ways to get there:

  • Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Calculator
  • Start -> Run -> calc

This demonstration of the usage of memory in the calculator uses the standard calculator, which is the same for scientific calculator. So, in the calculator window, go to View menu and make sure "Standard" is selected.

What are the memory buttons of the calculator?

In the standard calculator, there are four memory buttons available, as follows:

  • MC => Memory Clear
  • MR => Memory Recall (or Memory Retrieve)
  • MS => Memory Store
  • M+ => Add with the number in the memory

Now, suppose we have to add four numbers together, viz. 112, 121, 114, 669. Type 112 and click on MS. The 'M' sign will appear in the empty square near the backspace in the calculator. The memory will hold the number 112.

Next type the number 121 and click on M+. After that type the number 114 and again click on M+. Lastly, type the number 669 and click on M+. All of these numbers have been added one by one to the initial number in the memory, which is 112.

Now, click on MR, which is Memory Recall, and the answer of the addition of the 4 numbers will appear, which is 1016.

To perform fresh calculations, press the "ESC" key once and then click on "MC", which is Memory Clear.

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