How To: Use the System Restore tool in Microsoft Windows Vista

Use the System Restore tool in Microsoft Windows Vista

System Restore helps can help fixing the problems that might be making your Computer run slowly or stop responding. Please follow the steps below to restore the Computer running the Windows Vista Operating System.

1.Please click on the Start Menuof the Computer.

2. Then, click on the System restore option.Once the Windows Open you'll have the couple of options.They are Recommended Restore and Chose a different restore point.

3. If you select the Recommended Restore, the Computer will automatically restore for you.

4. If you've selected "Chose a different restore point" option, then you'll have to click on "Create a restore point"option. Then, a new window pops up.

5. Then, click on the Create button and then, select the Restore can use this option to restore the Computer to a specific date.

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