How To: View or retrieve layout codes in SWF files

View or retrieve layout codes in SWF files

John Roy demonstrates the tutorial to view or retrieve layouts that ens with .swf.

SWF files can be viewed by pasting the url in the address box.

1.Fist we need to have an Swf file as sample. Then, copy the code and paste in Notepad. The code will be as follow:




2.After pasting the code in the Notepad, simply replace the url of the swf file.

3.Then, save it as SWFFILE.html. Please don't forget to place .html.

4.Please open your Browser. It should be Internet Explorer but not Mozilla Firefox.

5.Then, go to Please login. (If you don't have the account, please create one).

6.Then, click My Files and go to upload Files.Then, locate now your file and upload it.

7.Then, click return to files. Then, click the URL of your HTML file.

8.After clicking the url, a new window will open and you can see SWFFILE.

9.Then, point the mouse to the link, right click and select "Save Target As" option.Then, it starts downloading by itself.

10.Save it anywhere you want to. Then, select a program to open the file with (chose Notepad).

That's the layout of the CSS code now.Enjoy!

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