Forum Thread: Administrator Has Blocked Access of a Certain Function, How Do You Turn Off the Block?

Your administrator has blocked access of this function...turn off block?

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Rick McComb:

Is this a question or a challenge?

Also, you missed a vital piece of information. What kind of function is being blocked?


Hello I'm very new to this site and I started following you because you seem to know about computers I have a dell xp desktop And it has power but the log in or windows won't come on I had norton antivirus but don't know if that's the case I've also tried to start up in safety mode but no luck do you think you might know how I can get my computer. To start up again I've also tried to reinstall my drivers from my disk but still nothing dying w/o my computer...

Desiree Gonzalez:

Try booting into and resetting the BIOS menu.

Turn the computer off completely. As soon as you power it back on, hold down the F2 key (which I'm fairly certain is the BIOS access key for Dell).

You will come to a blue screen with white lettering, this is the BIOS menu. After that press the F9 key and select yes, and then press the F10 key and select yes. You are only selecting yes if those options are presented to you.

After you press F10 the computer will reboot and this should fix the issue.


Thank you I haven't tried that but it's not an xp I made a mistake it's a dell dimension 3000 I think I might need to reformat the hard drive any clues about that my mistake kiddos to you for all the help

Desiree Gonzalez:

XP is the operating system. But to be quite honest, you should probably just buy a new computer, XP will be officially retired in April. No support, no updates, nothing.


I got scammed. Caller told me he was from Microsoft repair and that he received a message the I was getting error messages. I thought it was legit. ( dumb) he seemed to have fixed the problem, I paid him and now I can't get into me computer. I keep getting a need Windows co startup password...I don't know what to do. HELP

Suzie Schwartz Homer:

Microsoft will never cold call you. Whenever possible, deal with someone face to face like a local repair agent.

  1. You're less likely to be scammed.
  2. You're stimulating your own economy and supporting small local businesses.

FIrst of all, what kind of operating system is your computer running?


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