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Hello guys! I really hope i can get an answer here since i searched on google and found nothing.

Whenever i install kali (I will call it linux from now on) it comes with an error that sais "Your installation CD-ROM couldn't be mounted. Try again to mount the CD-ROM? " and then i'm stuck there.

the sha1(?) sum matches the one on the website.
If i install the "mini" iso it works but instead i dont get internet, either through wired or wireless connection.

PS: Mini iso is not available on kali v.2 which was released today, tought it might help, AND help is very much appreciated! :)

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start kali live and follow the video.

i ended up downloading the iso directly and no torrent since it didn't want to install from livens then it worked.

I think system of your's is not capable or or I want to suggest that you may just cheek out the system. Kali linux needs minimum upto 4 gb of RAM and minimun 500 gb to 1 tb HDD on your system it makes the system smooth running, because linux needs large space of RAM and HDD to run smooth.

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