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Hi there I have a laptop that is running windows 7 and the startup is really slow and generally slow as well when I get on, how can I make but laptop faster without wiping it? (already tried msconfig but all startup are crucial like Microsoft and stuff like that)

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You can do a few things Jhon. Since you are already limiting the programs you use on start-up you can obviously delete the programs you never use. Also run fewer programs at the same time. You can also turn off the visual effects by going to the control panel, then click Performance Information and Tools, and click adjust visual effects.

Here is a really simple tip: be sure to restart your computer regularly. This clears the RAM/memory and is very healthy for the computer. You could also add more memory to your laptop, but this can be quite expensive. I hope this helps, ApexTV.

Thank you very much for the information its really going to help me :D

Delete the files in your %temp% folder can help also. I also personally installed CCleaner and included to delete the contents from my %prefetch% folder when I scan it to clean. Pretty sure you can set a scheduled scan so it can scan every week or so. Also maybe try to run disk defragment.

hmm yes I have ccleaner as well and I hardly notice the performance change and I have also perfect disk installed as well and not much difference either..

Try tweaking the size of your paging file could help if you haven't already. Again, as ApexTV mentioned above try uninstalling any unused programs that you might have and make sure you don't have any spyware on your laptop.

yep made sure there is no malware from malwarebytes

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