How To: Make a Dashboard Widget on a Mac with Safari

Make a Dashboard Widget on a Mac with Safari

This is a tutorial on how to create a dash board app for Mac. All you have to do is go into safari, and find what you make the app for. The next step is to find right click on the back ground and click open in dashboard. Once you go to dashboard it will appear as a bright box. This new Widget is editable, you can change the boarder by pressing the "i" in the bottom right hand corner. You should have six options. For something more interactive such as YouTube, you can select a whole table and you can view your whole inbox in your dashboard. The thing is some apps will become large if you use a big table. Audio from a video can be played through your dashboard. So there is an option where you can make the video from YouTube or any audio playable when you are not in the dashboard, or obviously the opposite. This is a versatile tool for Mac, fiddle around with it and see what cool things you can make that will make your life easier!

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