How To: Use the window functions in Windows 7

Use the window functions in Windows 7

Top-Windows-Tutorials is a great site dedicated to Windows tutorials for almost all things Windows. Whether you are a computer novice or an expert in Windows operating systems, you'll find useful information in these guides catering to your level of expertise. These user friendly and easy to follow free Windows tutorials will show you all that you can do with your Windows PC.

Windows 7 is soon to be upon us! The latest version of Windows promises to be faster, easier to use and more fun than any version of Windows before.

In this video, we take a look at working with windows. As you might imagine, this is a core skill to master if you want to become productive with your PC. While some of the material we show in this video will be familiar to those of you who have used previous versions of Windows, Windows 7 brings some handy new tricks of its own which will help you to be more productive when using your PC. Three of these new features are Aero Peek, Aero Snap and Aero Shake. The video will demonstrate how these new features make it easer than ever before to work with multiple windows.

Use the window functions in Windows 7

Use the window functions in Windows 7 Click through to watch this video on

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