How To: Clean up your computer and make it run faster

Clean up your computer and make it run faster

This video is about how to clean up your computer. The first thing that you will have to do is to go to "Start" menu found on the lower left of the screen. Once you have clicked "Start", click "Run". Once a new window will appear, type in "TEMP" and press "OK". Then the "Temp" folder will appear. Go to "Edit" and click "Select All". Once everything is selected, right click a file and press "delete". A window will appear for confirmation and click "Yes". Then go to "Start" menu again and click "Run". A window appears and type in %TEMP% and press "OK". Then click on "Edit" and click "Select All". After wards, right click on a file and click "Delete". After you have deleted, start "Run" again and type in "PREFETCH". A window will appear and do the same thing by clicking "Select All" and deleting the files. After doing the process, start "Run" again and this time you have to type in "MSCONFIG". Then a new window will appear. Then go to all the tabs one by one and review the things that need to be rechecked. After rechecking, press "Close" and delete the files in the recycle bin and you're done!

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