How To: Delete a virus from your computer manually

Delete a virus from your computer manually

Clintprexis teaches viewers how tot delete a virus manually without using anti-virus. First, you have to kill the process that keeps the virus running. You can do this by opening up test manager by clicking CTRL+ALT+DEL. When you open task manager go to the process tab and kill the process that keeps it running. Now, you have to figure out which process is running the virus. You have to do research to find this and it is usually a 'wscript.exe'. Now you'll want to go to Start then go to run and then type 'cmd'. Now go to the location where the virus is and type 'cd..' and re type this again. Now type the command 'dir ah'. Next type in notepad C:/autorun.inf. To delete the virus type del "filename" 'f. Whatever the virus name put open= "and the name". Next type del 'filename' /f. Navigate to C:/windows by using the cd command. You can continue this process until all of the viruses on your computer are deleted! You can go to system 32 with cd by typing 'cd system32'.

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