How To: Speed up Windows Vista & free up ram

Speed up Windows Vista & free up ram

Start by clicking start and type regedit in the search box. Hit enter and when the screen opens go under hkey current user and click on control panel and then desktop. Under desktop go to menushowdelay. Under menushowdelay right click and then click modify. In the box that pops up set the value to zero and click ok. Then close the registry editor. Next you will want to download ram booster 2. 0. Once you have downloaded and installed the ram booster program you will want to edit your options. Start by clicking edit on the ram booster screen and then click options. Set the auto optimization to on. Set the ram settings and use the optimize setting on the ram booster program. Next you will need auslogics defrag program. Install it and open the program. Click next and let the program defrag your computer. Next hit start and in the search box type in gpedit.msc. Click on the program. The program will open. Once it opens click on computer configuration and then click administrative templates. Under administrative templates click on network. Click on Qos packet scheduler. Then click on limit reservable bandwidth. In the screen that pops up check enabled and change the value to zero and then click ok. Then close the program. Next click start and open the control panel. Under control panel click on user accounts. Under user accounts click on turn user account controls on and off. Once the window opens uncheck the user account box. Then click ok. Close the user account box. Next click start and right click on computer and click properties on the box that opens up. Under properties click advance system settings. Click on settings and uncheck the items that you don't need including fade or slide tooltips into view, show shadows under menus, slide open combo boxes, and slide taskbar buttons. Then click apply and ok and close the window. So do those things to speed up your computer.

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