How To: Speed up a Windows XP PC with TweakUI

Speed up a Windows XP PC with TweakUI

Firstly download the TweakUI into your computer, which is free. Fire up TweakUI and click on menu "Explorer", uncheck menus: "Allow help on start menu"; "Allow log off on start menu" and so on play with the settings however you like. And select "Light arrow", next click on "Thumbnails" menu and drag the slider all the way to the right, increase the size of thumbnails to 120 pixels. Next double click menu "Common Dialogs" and uncheck all three menus. Next double click menu "Taskbar and start menu" and uncheck menus "Show name on start menu" and Warn when low on disc space". Next double clik on "Desktop" menu to expand it and check menu "My computer", then click on menu "First Icon" and select "My Computer". On the right side double click menu "My Computer" and uncheck menu "Files stored in this computer". Expand menu "Auto ply" and click menu "Drives" and unckeck CD/DVD/USB Drive. Then click menu "Types" and uncheck both menus. On the right side click on "Menu" and choose from the list a menu where you want to change behaviour and click on button "Edit", here uncheck everything then click button "Ok" to save changes and repeat for every handle till you disable them all. Then click on menu "Templates", uncheck all menus except for text documents click "Apply" for immediate effect. Double click menu "Logon" and go to "Autologon". Check the menu "Log on automatically", then click menu "Unread mail" and uncheck menu "Show unread mail on Welcome" and "Apply settings to all users". That is it, you done, click "Ok" button to save settings.

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