How To: Run Windows apps on a Macintosh

Run Windows apps on a Macintosh

MacIsTheGeek explains how to quickly and easily run Windows software natively on the Mac, without installing an emulator, or using BootCamp. The software that enables this, called Darwine, is available as a free download from Softpedia. Darwine comes with Notepad, Minesweeper, Explorer, and various other Windows programs for use as demos for Darwine. However, once Darwine is installed, using any other Windows application is as simple as installing the executable file on your Mac hard drive, just as you would on a Windows computer. Note that Darwine does require that X11 be installed on your computer in order to run. X11 comes with all Mac OSX installations, but if you find that it isn't installed on your computer, it can be downloaded for free from Apple. Now you can run Windows applications on your Mac without running Windows!

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