How To: Open a zip file without using WinZip

Open a zip file without using WinZip

Unzipping compressed files is a basic skill that every computer user should know. Compressing allows you to reduce the size of large files for easier information transfer. This video tutorial demonstrates the basic steps of unzipping a file without the use of Windows WinZip.

Manual instructions on unzipping the file:
1. Right click on the compressed file.
2. Choose either open or explore (only one or the other should appear, but explore is preferable).
3. A new window will appear with all of the files inside.
4. Click on Edit.
5. Click on Select All. All the files will illuminate (blue usually).
6. Click on Edit again.
7. Click on Copy.
8. Open a new folder of your choice.
9. Click on Edit in the new folder.
10. Click on Paste.
11. Now all of the compressed files will be uncompressed in the new folder and you should be able to run setup.exe

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